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Staff Induction – Why is it important?

A well-structured staff induction is very important as it will create a positive impression of your organisation, improve staff retention and ensure a good start to the employer/employee relationship.

(The majority of staff decide if they are going to leave an organisation in the first 4 weeks of employment).

A well-planned induction will:

  • Make the person feel welcome and comfortable
  • Clarify expectations
  • Make it easy to commence work

Things you may wish to include in your induction protocol:

1. Talk to your existing staff about:

  • Who the new person is
  • What their role will be
  • What role they can play during the induction

2. Have everything the person needs ready in advance. This may include:

  • Name tag
  • Email address
  • Copy of the roster
  • Organisation chart (who everyone is and their role)
  • Business card
  • Equipment
  • Uniform
  • Coffee cup (the little things are important)

3. Let the new employee know what is expected:

  • Discuss the job description, your expectations and how the individual’s role will contribute to the success of the business.

4. Administration – your checklist may include:

  • Payroll obtains all necessary information
  • Copy of employment contract given to employee
  • Visa status (if applicable)
  • All licenses and permits required are current, including veterinary surgeons’ board registration and radiology license
  • Occupational health and safety

5. Communicate:

  • Speak with your new employee frequently to provide help/guidance. If you are not always available make sure they know who to go to if they need help.

6. Reviews during probation period:

  • Reviews are often performed monthly and allow concerns to be addressed and provide clarity on priorities.

Like any other business priority, you and/or your existing staff will need to allocate time for inductions. Where organisations allocate time speaks volumes about what they value.

A well-planned and well-organised induction has many benefits for both parties.

Last Updated: July 2024

DISCLAIMER: The above information is for guidance purposes only. Vetlink takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information, which is not intended as advice.