Vetlink Employment Service

Vetlink Employment Service can guide you through the process of finding your new veterinary nursing job. Vetlink is a free service to veterinary nurses searching for work.

1. How do you access veterinary nursing job ads?
  • Register with Vetlink to receive regular job updates
  • is updated daily and lists a large number of high-quality jobs.
2. How does Vetlink help you find a job?
  • Provide you with current job advertisements
  • Assist and guide you through the application and interview process
  • We use our best endeavours to find you a suitable job
3. Type of work on offer:
  • General veterinary nursing
  • Emergency veterinary nursing
  • Sales representative
  • Practice manager
4. Who should register:
  • Qualified and experienced nurses
  • Applicants with at least 12 months of paid, full-time experience but no qualifications
  • Qualified nurses who have little or no experience
  • Veterinary nursing/vet tech students

Simply let us know your requirements (type of work, location, availability, etc). Register online or contact us.