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Vet nurse in a job interview

Interview Tips for Vet Nurses

The chances of securing the job you want are far greater if you are well-prepared for the interview/s. To follow are some tips drawn from my own experience and feedback from employers over the last 25 years.

Be on time:
Walk into the practice exactly 10 minutes before the interview is due to start.
Don’t arrive ½ an hour early, as they may not be ready for you, and don’t arrive late.

First impressions are very important. Present yourself in a conservative, professional manner.

Well informed:
If possible source information on:

  1. The staff at the practice and their roles
  2. The practice – opening hours, type of work, etc.
  3. The local area

Most practices have the required facts on their website.

Communicate effectively:
Your ability to listen and understand what the interviewer is asking you is as important as having the ability to get your message across.

Diplomatically talk about your strengths and what you can offer the practice. Don’t overstate or understate your skills.

Ask well-thought-out questions about the job.
E.g. What would a normal working day include?
Will there be opportunities to learn and acquire new skills?

Prepare answers for potential questions before you attend an interview.
E.g. How long are you likely to stay? What appeals to you about the job on offer?

Facebook/social media:
Check your privacy settings are on.

Mobile phone:
Turn it off during the interview.

Easy to contact:
Keep your mobile phone on after the interview. If this is not possible make sure you have a sensible message on your voicemail.

Thank the interviewer for their time and for considering you for the role.

Last Updated: July 2024

DISCLAIMER: The above information is for guidance purposes only. Vetlink takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information, which is not intended as advice.