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As an employee vet since 1998, working both in Australia and the UK, Vetlink has always provided friendly advice and support. When working as a locum I have found the practices who contacted me via Vetlink were the best to work for. My experience of dealing with practices that contact a Locum directly is that they often do not look after you well. I even met my wife during a Vetlink Locum placement.
Melbourne 1998 graduate
Vetlink provided me with a terrific service and they were very prompt with keeping me up to date with potential jobs. They were always there for a catch up and advice about positions. I highly recommend the use of their services to both employers and employees.
Sydney 2004 graduate
The staff at Vetlink have always been friendly, approachable and extremely helpful. Although most communications have been electronic rather than verbal, I feel they pay personal attention to my employment requirements. I started my first position in the UK after graduating in 2001 and Vetlink found me a GREAT practice at which I remained for over 3 years. They have assisted me over the past 7 years in selecting locum positions around Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia - the positions have always suited my "veterinary style". I would not hesitate to contact Vetlink in the future to arrange a new position or to advertise a position should the need arise. Vetlink has not only found me places to work but found me places I have and, if need be, would happily return to!!
Murdoch 2001 Graduate
The staff at Vetlink have always been very helpful and interested in placing me in suitable positions. They are very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. When searching for a job, the emails from Vetlink are helpful and save time as only the positions relevant to the applicant are sent through.
Melbourne 2007 Graduate
Vetlink has been invaluable in helping me find my first new graduate job. The whole team genuinely care that you find a practice that will provide the support you're after. They are quick to respond to your applications and let you know if there is anything else that they believe may be suitable. They're not afraid to give you their honest opinions on the jobs advertised in regard to your needs and offer you continued support even after you've found the perfect job. I cannot recommend them enough as a new graduate.
Sydney 2011 Graduate
I have been locuming intermittently in Australia over the last 10 years and whenever I need some work, I drop Vetlink an email. They have always been friendly and quick at answering questions and efficient during communications with me and the clinics. I have worked in some great locations all over Australia, thanks to Vetlink placements. Working my way around was a great way to see the country when I first arrived.
Bristol 1997 graduate
I have been using Vetlink since I started locuming back in 2001. Vetlink's strength comes from having an extensive worldwide network of veterinary professionals and practices and taking the time to develop a strong personal relationship with each of them. This allows the Vetlink staff to match vets to clinics and vice versa. I won't hesitate in recommending them and will continue to utilise their professional and friendly service in the future.
Murdoch 1998 graduate
Vetlink was very helpful in following up after my interview with honest feedback and I appreciated that you always returned my calls - I found the service very approachable.
Sydney 2011 Graduate
Vetlink made the daunting experience of finding a new graduate position after university extremely easy. All of the staff were very kind, caring, helpful and knowledgeable, and they were very easy to talk to. Looking for a veterinary position after uni can be a scary experience, but Vetlink made it all very smooth and pleasant, and I recommend their services to all new graduate veterinarians. Thank you Vetlink!
James Cook University 2011 Graduate
I first consulted Vetlink whilst still in the UK in preparation for moving to Australia in search of locum work. Their friendly and professional manner was instantly reassuring and they were exceptionally attentive in listening to my preferences and in helping me to secure jobs that would suit me as an individual. I have consequently enjoyed two fantastic locum positions - in New South Wales and in Western Australia. I would like to thank everyone at Vetlink for their assistance and advice throughout my time in Australia and I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to others.
Edinburgh 2007 graduate
I’ve been using Vetlink for a number of years and have found most of my permanent and locum positions through them. I find Denise and her team very helpful. They make a real effort to find you suitable work. They always return calls and answer e-mails promptly. I would highly recommend their services.
Pretoria 1998 graduate
As a family with teenagers moving to Australia, our "move" was a major uprooting for all concerned. We found our dealings with Vetlink to be both professional and personal - making our decisions so much easier. Their assistance and support to all questions asked was timely and relevant - and they would help guide us to other sites to help answer our multitude of queries. We would not hesitate to use Vetlink again - and would happily recommend the service to other vets looking for employment opportunities in Australia.
Massey 1985 Graduate
Vetlink helped me find the perfect job. Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, let alone having to find a job before you arrive. Denise from Vetlink had job interviews lined up for me as soon as I got off the plane, and within a few days, I had a permanent position. I fully recommend the services of Vetlink to all veterinarians seeking employment. Thanks Vetlink 🙂
Sydney 2008 Graduate

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