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I had a great experience with Vetlink. They were friendly and helpful and really made the process a lot easier. I have now been working in New Zealand for 8 months, and everything has gone smoothly since the beginning, with no hiccups. I even received a little gift from Vetlink a few months in! I would definitely recommend them if you're considering a job overseas.
Veterinarian (University of Pretoria 2021)
We have used Vetlink on several occasions and have found the Vetlink staff to be exceptionally proficient. Vetlink has a wide database of vets, so they can match up the appropriate staff for your needs. They listen carefully to your requirements and their attention to detail is what sets them apart from other employment agents.
Practice Owner (South Australia)
Vetlink helped me find the perfect job. Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, let alone having to find a job before you arrive. Denise from Vetlink had job interviews lined up for me as soon as I got off the plane, and within a few days, I had a permanent position. I fully recommend the services of Vetlink to all veterinarians seeking employment. Thanks Vetlink 🙂
Veterinarian (University of Sydney 2008)
The stress of job seeking is minimised as Vetlink acts as a liaison between employees and prospective employers. The frequency with which employment opportunities become available and the variety of positions that arise are pleasing for anyone seeking flexible and varied work on an ongoing basis or a permanent long-term position. Registering with Vetlink also allows for employment abroad, as their national and international database provides links and support for veterinary nurses interested in travelling. I have found Vetlink staff to be extremely knowledgeable, and they consistently provide me with efficient, discreet, friendly and personable service.
Qualified Veterinary Nurse
Vetlink provides a great service with their guidance in finding the correct fit for you as an employee and an employer that would reach your expectations. Vetlink truly makes finding a job overseas so easy and stress-free. They are with you every step of the way, giving advice and answering questions.
Veterinarian (University of Pretoria 2021)
Vetlink does all the background research, making suitable applicant selection much easier for the practice owner.
Practice Owner (Queensland)
I first consulted Vetlink whilst still in the UK in preparation for moving to Australia in search of locum work. Their friendly and professional manner was instantly reassuring and they were exceptionally attentive in listening to my preferences and in helping me to secure jobs that would suit me as an individual. I have consequently enjoyed two fantastic locum positions - in New South Wales and in Western Australia. I would like to thank everyone at Vetlink for their assistance and advice throughout my time in Australia, and I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to others.
Veterinarian (University of Edinburgh 2007)
I found Vetlink to be a very professional, friendly and results-focused recruitment company. Within a week of meeting Denise, I had an interview with the prospective company and was offered the job a couple of days later. The whole process was streamlined and simple, and I felt very well supported throughout the interview process. I wholeheartedly recommend Denise and the team at Vetlink to anyone within the veterinary industry looking for employment.
Area Manager / Qualified Veterinary Nurse
As an employee vet since 1998, working both in Australia and the UK, Vetlink has always provided friendly advice and support. When working as a locum I have found the practices who contacted me via Vetlink were the best to work for. My experience of dealing with practices that contact a locum directly is that they often do not look after you well. I even met my wife during a Vetlink locum placement.
Veterinarian (University of Melbourne 1998)
Vetlink's services are worth every penny. Their accurate and honest assessments of the suitability of both permanent and locum vets and nurses have saved us massive amounts of time, stress and money. The result is improved staff morale and a more profitable practice.
Practice Owner (Northern Territory)
Finding a job can be a daunting and lengthy process, but fortunately, with Vetlink's amazing help, it was smooth sailing. Mark was in contact with me throughout the process, while offering me appropriate work options that suited my interests. If you are wanting to experience life abroad while working your dream job, I can highly recommend staying in touch with the team at Vetlink to make the journey all that much better!
Veterinarian (University of Pretoria 2021)
After really struggling to find a nursing job on my own, I turned to Vetlink. The staff were so helpful in every aspect of finding a nursing position for me. They are friendly, very organised and a pleasure to communicate with. I had a meeting, discussing exactly what I was after and within a week I had an interview from which I was employed. Vetlink helped me find the perfect vet nursing position, and all I had to do was tell them what I was after. Thank you Vetlink 🙂
Qualified Veterinary Nurse
The staff at Vetlink have always been friendly, approachable and extremely helpful. They pay personal attention to my employment requirements. I started my first position in the UK after graduating in 2001, and Vetlink found me a GREAT practice at which I remained for over 3 years. They have assisted me over the past 7 years in selecting locum positions around Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia - the positions have always suited my "veterinary style". I would not hesitate to contact Vetlink in the future to arrange a new position or to advertise a position should the need arise. Vetlink has not only found me places to work but found me places I have and, if need be, would happily return to!
Veterinarian (Murdoch University 2001)
I am a sole practitioner of a regional practice in NSW and have been sourcing veterinary locums through Vetlink for the last 11 years. When on holidays, it is paramount that I have a high-quality locum to look after the clinic, and Vetlink has not let me down. I strongly endorse the service and value for money that they provide and have no hesitation in recommending them to any of my colleagues.
Practice Owner (New South Wales)
During my CCS, I woke up one day with the stress of not knowing exactly what I would be doing next year, so I started looking around online for jobs to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

During this period I remembered an email from Vetlink the year prior, and at roughly the same time they (Vetlink) sent out another email with all the answers I was looking for.

I promptly got on their web links and started looking through job listing after job listing, and as you could expect, it was all rather overwhelming. Luckily, however, the friendly members of Vetlink were all too happy to have a call and open chat with me - getting to know me, my likes and dislikes, and my desires for my career going forward.

Not long after this, I had a shortlist of "Jobs that we think would suit you," and boy, did they hit the nail on the head. I wrote some cover letters and got my CV together and soon had some interviews lined up with jobs that I would struggle to choose between. All the while, the Vetlink staff were alongside, mediating and helping me along the way.

Fast forward five and a half months, I touched down in a new country and walked into my new job that seemed like it was custom-made for me. Another 8 months down the track and I am happy as ever, thriving in my position and enjoying my work daily.

I am truly so grateful to Vetlink for letting this happen, and having not forgotten about me but still following my progress and wellbeing until this day.

I would highly recommend speaking with the friendly Vetlink staff and letting them help you help yourself by finding the perfect fitting job for you. (PS. I also highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone in taking steps forward in this career you have worked so hard to be a part of.)
Veterinarian (University of Pretoria 2021)
Vetlink was great in helping me find nursing work in the UK. They worked very quickly to find suitable practices for me and were very thorough in answering all the questions I had and gathering the information required by both parties. A big thank you to the team at Vetlink for allowing me to have such a positive experience working with you on my job hunt.
Qualified Veterinary Nurse

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