Vetlink Employment Service

Career planning…What will you be doing in 10 years?

Having a career plan is important. It provides direction and helps you achieve your career and personal goals.

Your priorities

What is most important to you? Is it your family, health, career or income generation?

Most people do their best thinking when relaxed and away from work. Consider taking some time off to ponder this vital question.

Make choices that fit in with your goals.

Your skills/talents

What are you good at? What work do you enjoy?

Consider a career path that will align with your natural skills and talents.

Post-graduate qualifications 

Vets often undertake post-graduate study to develop their skills further. There are many programmes to choose from.

A well-chosen qualification may:

  • Increase your ability to generate income
  • Increase your satisfaction at work
  • Make you more employable

Please choose a course with care. Not all post-graduate courses will help you achieve your goals.

Assess all your options

There are employment opportunities in many fields including:

  • Private practice
  • Government
  • University
  • Industry
  • Animal welfare organisations
  • Non-vet roles

Have you considered owning a practice?

Before making a decision

Research and gather information. As part of this process, you may wish to consult vets who have already done what you are considering. Aim to make an intelligent decision based on good, up-to-date information. 

Review and adjust your plans 

Things can change over time.  Your career plan is a guide and may need modifying and altering from time to time.

The ideal outcome

Your aim should be to achieve your goals and to leave work each day feeling satisfied, knowing that you have been productive and accomplished something worthwhile.

DISCLAIMER: The above information is for guidance purposes only. Vetlink takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information, which is not intended as advice.